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Sports Heritage Education Resource Materials

In addition to our on-site education programs available at the Sports Hall of Fame we are pleased to provide some resources for educators. These resource materials have been designed to follow the Ontario curriculum expectations, to assist teachers with the delivery of sports history education in the classroom, and to build pride in citizenship among the youth of our communities.

Included in the documents below are Lesson Plan ideas for such subjects as Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, History and Geography and are divided into grade levels including Grades 1-2; 3-4; 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12. The lessons include both individual and group activities, and individual and group work projects.


We hope that our Sports Heritage Education Resource materials will be of assistance to teachers in the classroom. When used in combination with an excursion to the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, students will truly enjoy a complete sports heritage learning opportunity.

Thanks are extended to the Ministry of Culture for their financial assistance through the Summer Experience Program and to Angela Izzo for her work on the creation of our sports heritage education resource materials. Thanks are also extended to Brad Lejeune for his contributions to updating the lesson ideas for Grades 9-12 during his Lakehead University Faculty of Education internship.

Click on links below:

Introduction to NWO Sports Hall of Fame Education Program

Sports Heritage Grade 1-2 Lesson Ideas

Sports Heritage Grade 3-4 Lesson Ideas

Sports Heritage Grade 5-6 Lesson Ideas

Sports Heritage Grade 7-8 Lesson Ideas

Sports Heritage Grades 9 -12 Lesson Ideas


Olympic Resource Materials


NWO Sports Hall of Fame Winter Olympics activity sheet 1

NWO Sports Hall of Fame Winter Olympics activity sheet 2

Winter Olympics Alphabet Activity

Sports Heritage and Olympic Resource Links

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