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Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

The Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame & Museum is a heritage facility dedicated to preserving, honouring and displaying the rich sports tradition of the region. Visitors can view displays of artifacts, photographs and memorabilia honouring the region's rich sports heritage and learn about the many Hall of Fame Honoured Members who have brought pride to the region through their outstanding accomplishments. A sports library and archives are also available for researchers and sports fans alike.

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Winter Exhibit

The Winter Exhibit Gallery features display cases designed like an arena, ski chalet and curling rink.


Visitors can learn about the region's rich history of involvement in such sports as hockey, skating, ski-jumping and curling.


Hall of Fame

Each September the newest Honoured members are inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Annual Induction Dinner and Ceremonies.


NWOSHOF Stadium exhibit.jpg

Summer Exhibit

The Summer Exhibit Gallery was designed to look like an old stadium, and highlights such sports as baseball, football, soccer and swimming to name but a few of the many sports enjoyed over the years.

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