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Donate an Artifact

Help our Collection Grow

It is only through the generosity of the individuals that have kindly donated artifacts to our collection that the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame can tell the story of the history of sport in northwestern Ontario.

Thousands of items have been donated to our collection from the general public and our Honoured Members. Sports equipment, photographs, scrapbooks, trophies and souvenir programmes make up some of the items that have been donated over the years.


If you come across something that you think might make a nice addition to the Sports Hall of Fame's collection of artifacts contact us to discuss the possibility of donating it to our collection. Who knows, you may be holding the missing piece to the puzzle that will help us keep the legacy of sport alive.

Examples of Items Donated to our Collection



When the Port Arthur Hockey Club won their second Allan Cup as Canadian Senior Hockey Champions, the local booster club issued pins to commemorate the event.



Another example of the way in which events happening in society impacted the sports scene of northwestern Ontario is evident in this crest. The Hurricane Rangers were an active hockey team during the 1940s which got its name from the Hurricane airplanes which were manufactured in Fort William during the war.



In 1939 the Port Arthur Bearcats won the Allan Cup, earning them the right to represent Canada at the 1940 Winter Olympic Games, an event cancelled due to World War II. Prior to the cancellation the team had been issued their uniform which included this crest. This unique item, from a sporting event that was never held, makes it a very unique part of the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame's collection.

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