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In 1979 the Lund Rink from Dryden made history as the first rink from Northwestern Ontario to win a National Mixed Curling Championship. The win was also record-setting as it was the first time a team from east of Winnipeg had won the title in the championship’s 15-year history.

After a fourth-place finish at the 1978 Canadian Nationals in Saskatoon, the Roy Lund led-team which included Nancy Lund (third), Ron Apland (second), and Marsha Kerr (lead), had their work cut out for them. While the team had fought hard during the 1978 nationals the fighting spirit that they garnered was essential for the challenges that they would face in the 1978-1979 season. The first challenge was the loss of their home curling club to fire which affected their ability to practice.

This did not dissuade the Dryden rink however as they were able to make it to the Northwestern playdowns in Terrace Bay that year. The final was a showdown between the Lund rink and the Rick Lang rink from the Fort William Curling Club. In this round, the Lang rink would take the win. Next up was the Northern Playdowns in Espanola where once more the Lund and Lang rinks were battling it out. In the opening round the Lang rink doubled Lund with a 6-3 victory however, when the finals rolled around the Lund team was ready and defeated the Lang rink 7-4 to advance to the 1979 Seagram’s National Mixed Curling Championship.

The Nationals that year were held in Prince George, British Columbia. The Lund rink could have won the title during the regular round-robin play, however, a miss on Roy Lund’s last rock in the 11th end against the Lowell Goulden team from Nova Scotia led to Goulden stealing two to win the game. Bringing the Lund team to 9 wins and 2 losses.  The Lund team’s 9-2 record matched the Bob Widdis team from Ontario leading to a sudden-death final.

In the final game of the championships, Lund gained the lead in the 9th end claiming two points with the hammer. As they went into the 10th end, the front end did their jobs perfectly keeping the house clean. So, when Widdis was heavy on his first shot, Roy Lund didn’t even have to throw his rocks. The Lund rink claimed the  1979 Seagram’s National Mixed Curling Championship with their 7-5 win over Widdis.

Standing left to right: Roy Lund (skip), Nancy Lund (third), Ron Apland (second), Marsha (Kerr) Apland (lead).


Inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, September 27, 1986.

Lund [Roy] Mixed Curling Rink

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Canadian Champions
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