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The road to victory for the Bearcats was a very long and well-fought one. The first challenge saw Port Arthur up against the Geraldton Goldminers in the best-of-five league playdowns. With the first game tied, the series went down to the sixth and deciding game, with Port Arthur claiming a 3-2 victory.

The next stage was to decide the Thunder Bay district title, which saw the Bearcats defeat the Red Lake Thunderers in two straight games. They then defeated Stonewall to claim the Manitoba title, and gain entry into the Western Canada playdowns. In the semi-finals, the Bearcats met up with the Saskatoon Quakers, whom they defeated in two straight games. From there it was on to the Kimberley Dynamiters in the western final, with the Bearcats losing the first game in overtime and winning three back to back, including a 13-2 thrashing.

The Bearcats then travelled to Montreal to compete in the Allan Cup series against the Montreal Royals. All of the games were played in the Montreal Forum and newspaper accounts of the event noted that close to 40,000 fans watched the series.

The first game of the series went in to overtime, with the Bearcats emerging victorious by a score of 6-5. Port Arthur claimed the second game 3-1, Montreal the third game, 6-4, and the Bearcats won the title in the fourth game with a score of 6-5, claiming Port Arthur's fourth ever Allan Cup victory.

Celebrations for the returning champions included a gathering at the Port Arthur Armouries and a civic banquet hosted by the City of Port Arthur.

Team members included: Top Row (L-R): Gus Saxberg, Bones McCormack, Joe MacArthur, Stan King, Norm Wright.

3rd Row (L-R): J.F Hewitson (Hon. Pres.), Burt Laprade, John Crompton, Ed 'Jazzy' Manahan, Jakie Nash, Hugh O'Leary, Wm.McKinnon

2nd Row (L-R): Jack Leake (trainer), Walter Harbluk, Bob Manahan, Edgar Laprade, Don Gordon, Mike Moriarty, George Hamlin (assistant trainer).

1st Row (L-R): S.A. Cheesman (Vice Pres), G.F. McDougall (Tres), A.G. Pounsford (Exec), J.M. Boswell (Exec), F.H. Black (Sec).

Inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, October 1, 1983

Port Arthur Bearcats Senior Hockey

Team Year:
Allan Cup Winners
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