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Learning to ski at the Fort William Ski School during the early 1950s, Frank's introduction to the competitive side of the sport came in the form of club and intercollegiate slalom, downhill and jumping events.

While a student at Fort William Collegiate, Frank represented his school at provincial championships winning the Ontario Intercollegiate Ski Jumping Championships.

By 1960 Frank had limited his skiing strictly to jumping and in only two years time he was named to the National Ski Jumping Team. The 1962 season saw Frank in Europe competing against the best jumpers in the world where he consistently placed in the top 20 in most of the meets he attended. When one considers that as many as 200 skiers competed in a single match, his accomplishments were outstanding.

The dream of any athlete is to represent his country at the Olympic Winter Games and Frank earned that right in 1964 when he travelled to Innsbruck, Austria as a member of the Canadian Olympic Ski Jumping team. Unfortunately a serious injury sustained on the Olympic jump just two days prior to the start of the Games forced him out of the competition.

Following his retirement from competitive skiing Frank went on to dedicate himself to the development of the sport. A certified FIS judge and National Ski Jumping Chairman, he has been actively involved with events at Big Thunder, the SSSAA skiing program, the Ontario Nordic Ski Club and has served as a TV commentator for both the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Winter Games.

Inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, September 26th, 1992

Frank Gartrell

Fort William
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