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Tom Jones' professional racing career saw him claim championship titles in Slalom, Ice, Rally and GT class racing. Tom began his auto-racing career in Port Arthur at the age of 16 and turned professional just three years later, travelling across Canada to win titles in slalom and hill-climbing events.

During the 1960s Tom started racing in the Rally Circuit, earning 1st place finishes in his class in the Shell 4000 and the Carreras 1000 Rally Race in Jamaica. In 1969 and 1972 Tom finished 1st in the Detroit POR. This outstanding record earned Tom the distinction of becoming Canada's first FIA rated Rally driver.

During the 1970s Tom focused his attention on ice racing in the International Ice-Racing Association, dominating the circuit with numerous 1st place finishes, including the Ice-Racing 100 Mile and Stockroom Races in 1977 and 1978.

Tom's sports car racing career took off in the late 1970s whereupon he became the Prairie Regional GT-2 class and the GT-3 class in 1981.

At the Canadian Auto Sports Club Championships at Mosport in 1980, Tom added a national title to his record, winning the Canadian GT-2 championship while at the same time setting a track record in his class and beating the GT-1 finishing time, a feat never before accomplished.

In 1981 Tom became the first Canadian ever to win both the GT-1 and GT-2 titles on the same day at the Western Canada Sports Car Championships. The highlight of his racing season, however, came at the U.S. Nationals in Atlanta where he claimed the U.S. title. Not surprisingly, Tom was signed by the Ford Motor Company as their number one driver in Canada.

In 1982 Tom reclaimed his Western Canada title and won all five races in the Milyslip Challenge title series. In 1984 Tom officially retired from racing, still holding Canadian and U.S. lap records in his class.

Inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, September 17, 1988

Tom Jones

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