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This hockey great from Fort William got his start in goal with the Fort William Beavers during the 1920s, given that he 'could not skate very well'. Moving up to right wing he enjoyed success with the Fort William and Port Arthur junior and senior teams before being called to the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1932, beginning an illustrious 12 year NHL career.

In 1934-35 Charlie was sold to the Boston Bruins where he remained until 1939. That year the Bruins won the American Division title and 1938-39 claimed the coveted Stanley Cup defeating Charlie's former team the Maple Leafs. Demonstrating superior hockey skills by contributing to most of Boston's victories, Charlie's former boss, Connie Smyth, rated him the best right winger in the league in 1938. Not one to let injury get in his way, Charlie donned a full face mask during the 1937 season following a bad nose injury, so as not to be sidelined.

In 1939 Charlie was traded to the Montreal Canadiens where he remained until 1943. He ended his NHL career with the New York Rangers in 1944, with a record of 432 games played, 99 goals and 109 assists. Following his NHL career, Charlie moved to California where he remained actively in hockey as a player-coach with the Southern California League. He remained in California until his death in 1952.

An outstanding athlete, Charlie was also a successful baseball player and golfer, scoring a hole in one at the Fort William Municipal links in 1935.

Inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, September 28, 1991

Charlie Sands

Fort William
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