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Some athletes are blessed with the ability to play well in one sport. Ted Murphy was able to play numerous sports extremely well. Born in Port Arthur on April 25th, 1925, Ted epitomized the definition of an all-round athlete, being a standout in football, gymnastics, hockey, basketball, golf and rowing.

Ted played on many teams in different sports which won city championships, he played on one Northwestern Ontario Championship team and in 1963 he won the Fort William Country Club golf championship.

This is not to say that Ted's active days as an athlete have ended, however. Most people can still see Ted playing squash, golf or recreational hockey. A one-time member of the Thunder Bay Old-Pros, Ted travelled with a team from Thunder Bay to Santa Rosa, California to play in the 15th annual Charles Schultz Oldtimers Classic. With this involvement, Ted's career as an all-round amateur athlete has lasted over 50 years, spanning six decades.

Ted Murphy is also an athlete who does his most in helping the youngsters in the community. A former high school teacher and coach, Ted coached numerous city and northwestern Ontario football championships, He still found time in his busy schedule to teach handicapped youngsters in the Avenue One program at Lakeview High School, which provided students with a chance to participate in sports which would not normally be offered to them.

His hard work not going unnoticed, Ted received the Bing Caswell Award as the Outstanding Physical Educator in the Province of Ontario in 1977 and received a "Celebration '88" award from the government of Canada for his year of dedication as a coach.

Inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, September 23, 1989

Ted Murphy

Thunder Bay
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