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The sign of an outstanding athlete is the ability to compete in a variety of different sports and excel in them all. Such was the case with Hall of Famer Doug Skinner. Doug Skinner's contribution to sport did not end once he retired as a competitor. When you include his achievements as a builder, you have a truly dedicated sportsman.

Beginning in the early 1920s Skinner took part in such sports as track and field, soccer, golf and curling. It was in track and field that Skinner is perhaps best remembered having earned many honours throughout the 1920s and 30s. He was without peer in his class as a sprinter an the hurdles, being declared the all-round champion at the 1921annual track and field meet held in Fort William, Ontario.

Not surprisingly Doug was selected by the local chapter of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada to represent our area at the Manitoba Championships in Winnipeg in 1922 and for the Dominion Athletic meet that same year. During the 1920s Skinner competed in a variety of events in Manitoba and Ontario, winning numerous medals and trophies along the way. Special accomplishments included a second place in the 440 at the 1923 Ontario Championships in London, Ontario and a third showing in the 440 at the Canadian Championships in Winnipeg in the mid 1920s.

Perhaps the highlight of Skinner's track career came at the 1928 Olympic Trials in Hamilton, Ontario. An accomplished hurdler, Doug was entered in the 400m event where he finished in third place to bring home a bronze Olympic Trials medal. At the time only the first place finisher went to the Olympic Games so Skinner did not make the Olympic Team.

A standout in the net for local soccer teams, Skinner was asked to serve as the goalie for his local team against touring English and Scottish teams. In later years Doug left his mark on the sports of golf and curling and, in 1964, he claimed a senior golf title and, while living in Duncan, B.C., was a member of the over 60 year provincial championship team.

His love for the sport of curling and his desire to promote the game saw him as President of the Northwestern Ontario Curling Association (NWOCA) from 1964-65, Past President from 1966-67 and representing the NWOCA on the Dominion Curling Executive from 1964-65.

Doug Skinner's diverse sporting accomplishments will never be forgotten.

Inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, September 25, 1982

Doug Skinner

Fort William
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