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Some of the most important people in the sporting world are not always our athletes, but rather the teachers who help ordinary people learn to play an activity better and gain further enjoyment. Robert 'Bob' Morgan is such a person, having devoted more than forty years of his life in helping residents of this area learn to ski.

Born in Fort William on March 11th, 1929, Bob was actively skiing at the tender age of five. After completing his 2nd level Ski Instruction Certificate in 1948, Bob set up, in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Department, the White Falcon Ski School, which attracted 200 children its very first day of operation.

After earning his Registered Ski Instructor Certificate in 1949, Bob went on to help out at numerous hills throughout northwestern Ontario, Manitoba and Minnesota. His interest in junior skiing saw him as coach of the Lakehead University Ski Team and the Fort William Collegiate Ski Team. In 1968, while teaching at Black Bay School, Bob initiated the outstanding 'Skiing in the Schools Program', which continues to this day to teach area school children how to ski.

Bob has also been involved in the executive decisions concerning skiing in the area, having helped with the founding of the Little Norway Ski Resort, serving as Chairman of the Central Canada Ski Committee for numerous years and on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance.

For his outstanding contributions, Bob received a lifetime membership and 25 year pin from the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance and in 1985 was elected to the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance of Canada (Ontario) Hall of Fame. A fitting tribute to the man who has taught many of the people who head down the slopes in our area each winter.

Inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, September 29, 1990

Bob Morgan

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